First Visit

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Patients always have a dental experience that causes them to either fear or love the dentist. If you love the dentist, we want you to continue to feel that way. If you fear the dentist, we want to change your mind.

Our goal is to provide patients with personalized and consistent care. To ensure optimal health and longevity for our patients' smiles, we are dedicated to protecting and maintaining your natural function. We take the time to give you different treatment plans with information on steps, results, costs, and alternatives so you can confidently decide.

 Your first visit begins with a comprehensive oral evaluation. Our team will develop a treatment plan to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Please feel free to ask any questions about treatment options during your visit.

When you come in for your initial visit, please bring your dental insurance card and arrive early to fill out your initial paperwork if you have not already done so. Please bring a list of any medications you are taking. If you need antibiotics prior to dental work, please take them as prescribed. If you are not sure if you need antibiotics, please contact your doctor prior to your visit.

Whether you need a cleaning, a filling, or even a brand-new smile, we are here to help. Great dental care doesn't just make for a fantastic smile, it also helps promote overall health and wellness. If you have a special occasion coming up or are interested in brightening your smile, ask us about whitening or other cosmetic dental options. We want you to have the confidence to share your smile with the world!